How to get rid of bugs insect

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How to get rid of bugs insect

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Bugs are very small insects that resemble lice insects, and they both intrude on humans and animals. Hundreds of eggs are in their life cycle and do not fly, and bedbugs can move quickly on floors, ceilings, and walls, and these insects can survive several months without feeding.
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How to get rid of bugs insects Bugs can be eliminated using the following
 Shed very low temperature below zero degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to -17 degrees Celsius on bedbugs, or expose them to a very high temperature higher than 46 degrees Celsius. 30 minutes at the highest heat.
Use the method of fumigation in the places and areas where bedbugs are hiding or present and we cannot wash them.
Covering the mattress and the sofa with the coverings prepared for insects. These covers can lock up insects and thus cut them from the basis of their food in order to be destroyed.
 Use the plastic bag method and place the affected items in days when the temperatures are very high, and leave it outside the home and keep it for 2-5 months to make sure that the insects are dead.
Use the freezing method at -17 ° C, for a maximum period of four days.

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Where to find bugs
We can identify the locations of bedbugs at home through a set of signs, which are the presence of some black or gray spots on the beds, on the walls or floors, and this indicates the presence of bedbugs.
The presence of small spots of blood on the mattress or floors, and this is proof that these insects have been killed and crushed without knowledge.
Some insects are small in size and do not exceed a quarter of an inch in length.
The presence of eggs of bugs that resemble small granules of a pale white color, or the presence of egg shells, or seeing the skin of bugs whose shells turn from yellow to brown when they ripen. To search for bedbugs in the areas where he is hiding, we must use a flashlight with a magnifying glass, and from where he hides among the pillows on the mattress. In the cracks of furniture.

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On the roofs of bed frames. Between the corners of the curtains. About the wires. Under the paintings and posters placed on the walls. Under the wallpaper. Among the books arranged on top of each other. Between the panels and especially the floors.


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